Ceiling fabric draping is an easy way to add ambiance to a room. For weddings and special events it is probably best to hire a professional who knows which fabrics are the best and how to style them. If that’s not in your budget, or you’re just looking for a fun way to spruce up your bedroom, you can totally do it yourself! Start by drawing up a plan for the room, then develop a colour scheme, take some measurements and get to work.

For weddings:

An area that is often overlooked at weddings and other fancy events is the ceiling. Why not incorporate your theme all the way up to the top? Invite your guests into a magical space with long, elegant drapes hanging from the ceiling.

A good place to start hanging ceiling drapes is the centre of the room. If you’re looking to accentuate one particular area like the head table, try hanging drapes directly behind the table. You can hang five to ten in a straight line and then tie them together at the bottom with a big, beautiful bow. Another great idea is to start from the four corners of a room and then drape the fabrics inward towards a central chandelier for instance.

Benefits of decorating with fabric:

1. Adds glamour and elegance to a room

2. Transforms the atmosphere of a venue

3. Can enhance the theme of a room

4. Masks the unsightly elements of a ceiling

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