The wedding ceremony and wedding party are two events that you may have been dreaming about and mentally planning since you were a little girl conducting pretend weddings with your Ken and Barbie dolls.

Planning a wedding party is one of the more complex party planning events you can tackle as a host. Many brides choose to hire wedding planners, recruit close friends to help, or choose a full service hotel with staff to make sure their day is the perfect one they imagine it to be. If you find yourself tasked with planning a wedding, either your own or for someone else, reading this article will give you some good ideas.

If your wedding is small or one that is relatively simple and modest in scope, you can be very successful in planning your own wedding with the help of a few family and friends. That’s how I planned my own small wedding and a larger one for my niece.

No matter the size however, there are some basics and special touches that all weddings require. In this article I will touch on the major areas that need planning.

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