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When you talk about wedding arrangements and decorations, it’s likely that you’re talking about the reception and the table centerpieces but wedding arrangements include a lot of other things and at the center of it all they’re supposed give the whole event a cohesive one unit look. The wedding arrangements broadly cover the ceremony and the reception but you should include things like the rehearsal dinner and other parties that are traditionally held in the family.

Wedding decorations aren’t just about what’s going to be in the middle of the table; it’s also about how you’ll outline the aisle and whether you’re going to decorate the area or stage where the couple will exchange vows. Then there are the little things like personalizing the wedding favor boxes and the place cards. Even things like the tableware are dressed up with ribbons and napkins and picked to match a color theme so wedding decorations aren’t limited to just a table centerpiece.

Decorations will be a huge part of both the ceremony and the reception. Flowers are likely going to dominate at the ceremony but at the reception you can have a lot of fun with different ideas, there’s more room for different ideas when you’re not restricted to flowers and the reception gives you every bit of it.

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